‘Larger-than-life personality’ will be missed

A business owner who was beloved by his employees.

This was the recurring theme during the funeral service Tuesday for the late John Jackson, which was held at Coral Ridge Memorial Gardens, Christ Church.

Tears flowed freely as family members, friends and staff of his company, So-Lo Trading, in Black Rock, St Michael, turned out to pay their respects.

Delivering the tribute, representative of So-Lo Trading, Althea Cadogan, described her former boss as a man who was serious about his business while maintaining a soft spot for his employees and customers.

Recounting one of the several examples of his generosity, Cadogan said: “John recognised that times were hard but instead of offering the staff more money for the tax man to take away, he instead gave us raises in a different manner. For a time, staff had free lunches five days a week, and each month we were given free shopping up to a certain amount.”

She added: “We at Solo, whether employee or customers, will truly miss John and his larger-than-life personality.”

Widow Larissa Jackson paid her tribute in the form of a heartfelt poem, which Cadogan read on her behalf.

Jackson tragically lost his life when the mower he was operating plummeted over a cliff on his Palmers, St John plantation on Sunday, November 5.

The family has had its share of tragedy, as daughter Anna died 15 years ago under tragic circumstances. (CLM)


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