Labour movement weak, says Denny

Barbados’ labour movement is a shadow of its former self, says general secretary of the Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration David Denny.

Yesterday while at the graveside of social activist Israel Lovell on the grounds of St George Parish Church in commemoration of the Day Of National Significance, Denny said the labour movement owed people like Lovell its very existence but had fallen far.

“Israel Lovell suffered because of [his] contributions [to the establishment of the labour movement, working class organisations and political parties], and that’s why we treat this spot as sacred. The labour movement came out of this struggle but it has ended up in a very weak position today.

“We must build on the principles of Lovell, Clement Payne and others leaders from that 1937 period that created the labour movement from which we have enjoyed many social gains. We have to create the condition for Barbados to develop a true and honourable labour movement which will recognise days like today,” he added.

“There is a need for a revolutionary trade union in Barbados, for a strong working class movement to be developed, because we are threatened by a number of international funding agencies who want to roll back our gains . . . many of which are being taken from us due to financial agreements with entities such as the International Monetary Fund,” he charged. (CA)




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