Killer jailed for 24 years

The killer, whose bullet was meant for a rival but hit an innocent bystander, was sentenced to 24 years in prison when he appeared in the No. 3 Supreme Court.

“This case brings to bear the serious problem we have in this jurisdiction with the use of firearm – the misfortune that innocent citizens would suffer because of the callous, reckless behaviour of our youth who, for some reason, think or feel they are justified in their actions to possess, carry or use illegal weapons,” Justice Carlisle Greaves declared.

“This is why every effort has to be made to have zero tolerance for anybody in our society who is armed,” the judge said.

He was speaking as he sentenced Renico Dadrian Murray, of Garden Land, Country Road, St Michael who was indicted for murdering Oscar “Nard” Hamblin on December 21, 2018. He pleaded not guilty to that count but guilty to unlawfully killing the man – manslaughter – on the same date. (HLE)

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