Keep to your route, PSV brawlers told

Finish your route and keep to that route.

That was the advice to public service vehicle operators from Magistrate Alison Burke yesterday as she dealt with two people charged in the wake of a brawl in the Constitution River Bus Terminal on Monday.

“I know this whole ZR culture and minibus culture. That is why off route is so serious,” she said.

“People need to keep on their routes. They need to finish their routes and do the right thing ’cause everybody is cutting out one another and then you get all this animosity, all this noise, fights and disturbances,” she added.

The magistrate was speaking after Jurad Andre Brathwaite, 27, of Brereton Village, St Philip, and his girlfriend Lakicia Alicia Archer, 26, of Ashbury Land, St George, had pleaded guilty to causing a disturbance in the Constitution River Terminal on October 30. They were represented by attorney Kellyann Blackman. (HLE)

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