Jury fails to reach verdict

It took a jury three hours of deliberations but in the end the members still could not come to a conclusion on Terrell Patrick Griffith’s guilt or innocence.

While he awaits a retrial for murder, his attorneys have signalled their intention to make an urgent application for him to be released on bail.

Griffith, 22, of Haynesville, St James, was accused of murdering Dario Greaves on September 9, 2018.

He was represented by Senior Counsel Michael Lashley and attorneys Simon Clarke, Sade Harris and Zudie Payne, while Principal State Counsel Krystal Delaney and State Counsel Tito Holder prosecuted.

Yesterday, the 12-member jury failed to come to a unanimous verdict on murder or the count of manslaughter.

The members were also unable to reach a majority verdict on manslaughter, with the panel split seven for not guilty and five for guilty. At least nine have to agree on a majority verdict.

“That is what constitutes a hung jury so we will have to have a retrial,” Justice Pamela Beckles said, as she thanked the jurors for their deliberations.

Lashley later told members of the media that the defence team would be making an urgent application for bail.

Griffith has been on remand at Dodds Prison from September 14, 2018.

The matter was adjourned until later in the Sessions. (HLE)

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