Judge: Justice must be fair

The father who raped his stepdaughter and then walked about and slandered her name, should not expect to get a starting sentence of four years or even three.

So said Justice Laurie-Ann Smith-Bovell as she dealt with the man when he reappeared in the No. 4 Supreme Court.

He was convicted, earlier in the Sessions of the Continuous Sittings, of having unlawful sexual intercourse with the girl who was between the age of 14 and 16 and who was not his spouse, between April 9 and 15, 2008.

Senior State Counsel Rudolph Burnett, who prosecuted, suggested the starting point for the sentence should be four years in prison.

However, the man’s attorney, King’s Counsel Michael Lashley, argued the starting point should be three. (HLE)

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