Jamaica’s murder rate drops

Kingston – Jamaica police are reporting a 22 per cent decline in major crimes at the end of March 2023, when compared to the corresponding period last year, with the authorities indicating that murders had declined by 21 per cent.

Commissioner of Police, Major General Antony Anderson, told a virtual news conference that shootings had declined by 13 per cent; rapes, 47 per cent; robberies, 32 per cent and break-ins, 11 per cent.

Figures released by the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) show that there were 303 murders as compared with 382 for the same period ending March last year. There were 354 shootings as against 291 last year

“We, however, continue to see a shift in the attribution of murders with the reduction in the gang-related murders relative to interpersonal conflict. As at March 31, gang conflicts accounted for 67 per cent of these murders, interpersonal conflicts accounted for 22 per cent, while four per cent occurred in the furtherance of other criminal activities, and seven per cent are still being determined,” he said.

He said the JCF would continue to partner with key agencies as well as provide the requisite support to enable its members to carry out their duties efficiently.

“As we continue to resource the Force, implement our policing plan and work closer with the communities, we have no doubt that people will begin to feel safe.

“It is not lost on us that the support from the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) and other key partners has been integral in achieving these results. We expect to continue to impact crime and violence while we remain committed to all of the other community support activities,” Anderson said.

He urged Jamaicans to continue working with the police and provide information to rid their communities of criminals.

“We have been seeing encouraging signs that communities are less willing to accept criminals in their midst. The strategy of our commanders and their teams to be closer to their communities and build relationships is working. We do not regard these efforts as an event but as an ongoing part of our policing plan,” he said. (CMC)

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