Investment pitch

Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley is again appealing to the private sector to invest more in small businesses, even as Government is doing its part to assist the sector.

She was speaking yesterday at the opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony for the International Food Science Centre, Building 11, Newton Industrial Estate, Christ Church.

“If we are going to transform, what is required in almost every sector is reconstruction and deconstruction, political will and financial capacity. However, financial capacity doesn’t only come from the Government – in fact, it needs to come more and more from the private sector, private producers and private savings in this country.

“So the next conversation we are going to have as a country in the next 12 months is how to be able to pool our resources as a country to increase production. Other countries do it well and other cultures do it well, so maybe we have to ask what is it about the culture that stops us from trusting one another,” Mottley said. (Nation News)

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