Homes damaged by Elsa still being repaired

By the end of 2022, Government should have completed repairs on approximately 73 per cent of the homes damaged by Hurricane Elsa last year.

Speaking in the House of Assembly on Tuesday, Minister of Housing, Lands and Maintenance Dwight Sutherland said 1 796 homes were damaged by the weather system on July 2.

However questions are being raised about the assistance promised by Government and the long delays in getting homes fixed. Sutherland said there were about 100 people still being accommodated at the country’s expense.

Pointing out that they did not have “a wash pan of money”, he said there were other programmes and projects which also had to be addressed.

Sutherland said there were more than 400 small contractors who were hired to work on the Elsa project and Government had provided material to 213 home owners to do their own repairs.

He was leading off debate on a resolution to acquire 7.2 acres of land at Brighton, St George, for the construction of 42 housing units. (SAT)

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