Homeless victim ‘may lose leg’

One week after some homeless people in The City allegedly suffered a brutal unprovoked attack, a victim says he now faces the possibility of having his left leg amputated as a result.

Hobbling to the Nation’s offices at the Harold Hoyte and Fred Gollop Media Complex, Fontabelle, St Michael, determined to tell of his harrowing ordeal, Charles Henderson Forde said with his foot infected as a result of a deep laceration sustained during the attack, doctors warned of the grim possibility that he might lose his leg unless the wound improved.

The 71-year-old, who revealed that he also suffers from prostate cancer, said he was determined to keep his leg at all costs.

“The nurse was cleaning the wound and told me that it was infected. She called the doctor and he examined it and wanted to admit me to the ward. He said if it gets worse and develops gangrene, I could lose the leg. . .”

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