Holness: Preparing path to republic status

KINGSTON – Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the island’s desire to transition to a republic will be an important step in completing the country’s political independence.

Speaking to more than 50 resident and non-resident heads of missions, during a Diplomatic Week event at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he said the matter is an imperative that will “consume our attention in Jamaica”.

He assured that the Government is “working closely with various stakeholders, including the Opposition, to ensure that the preparatory process is seamless and allows for the full and effective engagement of our people”.

Meanwhile, Minister of Legal and Constitutional Affairs, Marlene Malahoo Forte, said the Constitutional Reform (CR) Committee, which will play a pivotal role in Jamaica’s seamless transition to a Republic, has now been constituted and has commenced its work.

Malahoo Forte, who was speaking during Wednesday’s sitting of the Standing Finance Committee of the House of Representatives, informed that the CR Committee will “provide advice and oversight as we move on the most comprehensive and impactful constitutional reform work to be undertaken in the life of independent Jamaica”.

Additionally, she said the CR Committee’s work will be supported by a Secretariat, which is now being formulated.

“It is our intention to transition Jamaica from a Constitutional monarchy to establish the Republic of Jamaica, within the Commonwealth, as a Parliamentary Republic with a non-executive president,” she said. (CMC)

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