Hill wary after cashier attack

A supermarket cashier is on paid leave after a man held her at knife-point on Monday.

However, although the police are investigating the incident, general manager of Lionel C. Hill Supermarket, Gerhard Ashby, is not confident that justice will be served based on several instances of break-ins and assaults at the Roebuck Street, St Michael supermarket where the perpetrators continue to roam the streets.

A surveillance video of the incident which occurred about 2:32 p.m. and involved a man who frequents the supermarket was leaked online. Police responded later that day but efforts to get a comment from the Barbados Police Service were unsuccessful up to press time.

Ashby said: “I think he was a little bit mentally unstable. He literally leaned over, put his hand around her neck and whispered open the drawer. The cashier said she thought it was a fellow employee playing a prank.

“But when she glanced around and realised it was not someone she knew . . .  she pretty much threw him off, but she was very shaken by the experience. He had a knife to her throat.”

Ashby said the man did not run. (TG)


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