Heavy toil in Speightstown clean-up

The 16 members of the Barbados Roaring Virtual Lions Club found more than they bargained for while cleaning up Speightstown.

The men and women were part of the mammoth effort on Saturday to clean up Barbados for World Clean-up Day, where hundreds of volunteers scoured the island to make a real dent in the problem of illegal dumping and thoughtless littering.

In Speightstown, club president Denisa Belgrave said their part stretched from there to nearby Heywoods, but seeing the sheer amount of garbage they were encountering, she was not sure if they would make it to Heywoods by day end.

“We were here since 6 a.m. We started around St Peter’s Bay and were heading to Heywoods but here near the back of the supermarket, it is so full of everything – mattresses, tyres, metal, bottles, cans, you name it – I don’t know when or if we will get to Heywoods,” she said.



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