Health Ministry issues updated COVID guidelines

The Ministry of Health and Wellness today issued updated guidelines for members of the public who test positive for COVID-19.

After the illness is confirmed, a person may or may not receive a phone call from someone at the Ministry of Health and Wellness.

Public health officials are most concerned about persons with a new COVID-19 diagnosis who are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

Chest heaviness
Chest pain
Chest tightness
Difficulty breathing
Persistent diarrhoea (five or more watery stools per day)
Persistent coughing
Persistent vomiting (five or more times per day)
Pulse oximeter reading of less than 95%
Rapid breathing
Severe cough
Shortness of breath

If people have any of the above listed symptoms, they should seek further medical attention by calling the National COVID-19 Hotline at 536-4500 or the Operations Centre at any of the following numbers:


Additionally, if National Insurance Claim for Sickness forms are required, they may be obtained from a private medical doctor or the nearest polyclinic.

The Isolation Discharge Certificate will be sent to persons 10 days after their positive test result. A repeat test is not required to end isolation. COVID-positive individuals are expected to be in complete isolation at their private residence or accommodation until this time. If persons do not receive their discharge certificate on the due date, they may contact the Ministry’s Operations Centre at one of the numbers listed above. (PR/SAT)


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