Gun in bush costs man $30 000

A chance find in some bushes which Anthony Malik Raheem Callender did not turn in to police earned him $30 000 in fines when he appeared in the No. 5 Supreme Court.

Callender, 25, of Maxwell Hill, Christ Church, had admitted earlier in the Sessions that he had a 9mm-calibre automatic pistol and nine rounds of 9mm-calibre ammunition on April 14, 2017.

Justice Pamela Beckles ordered him to pay $25 000 in six months or spend three years for having the gun. She fined him $5 000 forthwith or 12 months in prison for the ammunition.

Callender was represented by attorneys Angella Mitchell-Gittens and Latisha Springer, while Principal State Counsel Krystal Delaney and State Counsel Kevin Forde appeared for the prosecution.

He had no previous convictions. (HLE)

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