Group still pressing for accountability over IDB survey

“We are not making much ado about nothing.”

That was the way organisers of the Watch Out My Children Rally responded to critics who questioned why they were still protesting months after the controversial InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB) survey was administered to hundreds of children.

Entertainer Sean ‘Apache’ Carter, who along with Marcia Weekes are members of the rally’s committee, said that because laws such as the Data Protection Act were breached, someone needed to be held accountable.

After backlash in October, the IDB and the Ministry of Education issued apologies for the assessment, which contained questioned related to the students mental health and their identities.

There was also a protest in the City and many parents sought legal advice.

Several of them gathered at Independence Square in the City for the rally.

At the square, there were various posters attached to trees and the Errol Barrow statue which read: ‘We Say No to the New Sex Education Curriculum’ and ‘Stop Sexualizing Our Children”.

There will be several performances and speeches from activists, lecturers and attorneys during the event. (TG)

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