Grenadian pensioners receive increase under new agreement

ST. GEORGE’S – Government pensioners have begun receiving a four per cent increase in their monthly payment under new contract agreement signed earlier this year, the Ministry of Finance has said.

The agreement was signed with the Grenada Union of Teachers (GUT) in March and three months later with Public Workers Union (PWU).

“The Ministry of Finance advises pensioners that their September 2023 pension payment has been updated to reflect the four per cent increase for the 2024 period. The four per cent increase is applicable to the period January 1st, 2023, to December 31st  2023, consistent with the increase agreed upon for public sector workers.”

The ministry also said that pensioners short payment for the period January 1st 2023, to August 31st 2023, will be paid by the next pay cycle on October 15 this year.

The new collection agreement provides for public officers to receive a 13 per cent increase for the period 2023-25.  Under the agreement, for the years 2023 and 2024 public officers will receive a four per cent hike, respectively, and five per cent for the year 2025.

The Pension Act provides for all public officers who have served in a pensionable office to be granted a pension from the government upon retirement.

However, as of April 1984 the then People’s Revolutionary Government (PRG) led by the left wing prime minister Maurice Bishop, approved the Pension Disqualification Act which said that any person who is appointed to a post in service of government of Grenada on or after April 4, 1983 shall not be entitled to any pension, gratuity or other allowance under the Pensions Ordinance, Pensions (Prison Officers) Ordinance, Pensions (School Teachers) Ordinance, and Police Pensions Ordinance.

A High Court in March last year, ruled that the 1984 law was a violation the of pensioners constitutional rights and as a result, pensions to public officers were reinstated. There are currently an estimated 3000 pensioners in the system. (CMC)

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