Greaves calls for specialist courts

Outspoken Justice Carlisle Greaves has called the judicial system “an old dinosaur” and says it’s about time there were specialist courts dealing with specific matters to reduce the backlog of criminal cases.

“This system is like an old dinosaur, creaking through some Jurassic Park. We can’t keep mixing up things like we used to before. We used to be able to mix up cases before when they were few,” he noted.

“In these days now, courts understand that they have to do some sort of specialising. There are judges who do commercial work only. There are judges who do civil work only; judges who do criminal work only for the time being.

“Then when you get into it, you will have to separate further. So you have a bundle of murders and some judges will have to focus on the murders.

“You have a bundle of sexual offences cases to do, some judges will have to focus on those for the time being until we bring certainty to the system,” he said. (HLE)

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