‘Greater battle ahead’

Now the internal election is over, it is the time to prepare for an even greater battle, says re-elected president of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Dr Ronnie Yearwood.

Addressing the congregation yesterday at the DLP annual conference’s church service at the party’s George Street Auditorium, in Belleville, St Michael, he said there was “nuff” work to do.

“This is a beautiful moment but the work continues from tonight. The road ahead will be hard – step up and serve, your country needs you. I want your ideas, counsel, love and unity because you are essential to changing this country for the better,” he told party faithful.

“It is time to put down our swords and armour and pick up the plough. We leave the battle of the internal election and it is time to sow the harvest as we prepare for the ultimate battle – to serve the people of Barbados and to be of service to the people of Barbados.” (CA)

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