Give disabled ‘fair chance’

People with disabilities deserve a fair chance, and so too do single mothers.

So says chairman of the National Advisory Committee to guide the establishment of a Commission for Improving the Lives of Persons with Disabilities, Edmund Hinkson.

The St James North Member of Parliament was addressing the fourth graduation ceremony of the VIBES Work and Life Skills Programme, at The Garden Church of God, Reid Road, The Garden, St James.

“People with disabilities must be given a fair opportunity in this country, and it has to start with our education system. Many people with disabilities still have to pay for their education, in practice and in reality, because they are unable to be accommodated in the mainstream schools,” he said.

Hinkson said he was looking to reform how disabled people were treated in Barbados by developing a national policy and bringing legislation for the rights of those with disabilities.

The advisory committee was established in June and is to bring a draft policy and legislation by November 30. (RA)

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