Franklyn gives Government a failing grade

Former Lead Opposition spokesperson in the Senate, Caswell Franklyn, has given Government a failing grade.

He assessed the performance in relation to the reform of the pension programme for Government workers, reform of the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) and the transfer of secondary school principals, all areas he said it had fallen short on.

And what made matters worse, said the trade unionist to the more than 50 people attending the meeting hosted by the Friends and Concerned Citizens of St Peter, is the docile nature of Barbadians, especially at a time when Government has all 30 seats in the House of Assembly.

During his more than two-hour presentation at the All Saints Skills Training Centre in Mile-and-a-Quarter, St Peter, Franklyn said he could not understand how Barbadians were not protesting the proposed changes to the NIS, such as the increase in pensionable age.

Franklyn said although “the Government of the day say it wants to transform” the NIS to a state commercial entity, as far as he is aware, it was a statutory board from its inception. (GBM)


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