Former pupil inspired to give back

Twelve-year-old Erin Springer’s love for her alma mater, Wilkie Cumberbatch Primary School, has led to her giving back in a tangible way.

Yesterday she presented two students, Niah Weekes and Renico Remy, both eight-year-olds who attend the school, with several back-to-school items including uniforms, bags, books and stationery.

Erin graduated from Wilkie Cumberbatch a year ago and is a second form student at Harrison College. Teacher Inga Phillips-Green, who taught Erin when she was at the school, facilitated the presentation which was held at the Tower Bucknal, Belleville, St Michael, one of the satellite locations for the school which is under renovation.

Erin’s mother, Yasmin Padmore, said she discussed with her and her father Eric Springer who lives overseas, her desire to give back to her alma mater and after consideration and taking into account how the COVID-19 pandemic had affected some families, they decided to make the purchases.

“We wanted to give back something that was going to be worthwhile; something which they could all benefit from,” Padmore said adding that she too got excited when her daughter brought the idea to them and they wanted to support her.

Erin’s father sent her the stationery while the other items were purchased in Barbados.

The family expressed hope that they could continue this in the future.

Erin stated: “This presentation in the form of a give back is to show my love for the Wilkie Cumberbatch Primary school. I am honoured to show my love for the students and staff members. I give to you this token to show my love and desire to help you achieve your goals just like I had the opportunity to achieve mine.” (MB)

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