Firemen withdraw from Brighton site

More than two days after fire broke out in a warehouse at Brighton, St Michael, firefighters have withdrawn from the scene.

Divisional Officer with the Barbados Fire Service, Marlon Small told The Nation the building, which is owned by Oran Limited, has been turned over to the Barbados Police Service. The blaze started after 5 a.m. last Wednesday.

“There are just some small pockets of smouldering going on. Those are going to burn out and the building has been turned over to the Barbados Police Service. It is very light smoke. Within a day or two these pockets should burn out and everything should return back to normalcy,” Small said.

While the thicker plumes of black smoke had subsided, the smell of burnt plastic and other materials continued to linger in the air.

Business owners who used the warehouse said they were still unable to calculate the extent of losses as they were yet to be allowed full access. (Nation News)

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