Ex-soldier who ‘betrayed’ country jailed

The ex-soldier who “betrayed” his country when he had three illegal guns and a large quantity of ammunition was sentenced to ten years in prison by the No. 3 Supreme Court.

“You cannot sell out your country. That is what you gunmen are doing for trinkets,” Justice Carlisle Greaves told Ramon Omar St Hill.

“You who marched and sang the nation’s anthem – ‘These fields and hills’; you who listened to the words which you knew by heart. You who knew The Pledge, which you said many times, you betrayed it with guns and ammunition,” he declared.

“You probably had a greater duty to this country than others who did not have the opportunity to serve as you had.”

St Hill, of Church Gap, Kings Street, St Michael, was back in court after he had pleaded guilty to having two 9mm-calibre hand guns and a .45-calibre ACP pistol on April 30, 2020. (HLE)

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