Ex-shooting accused suing Government

For the past 19 years, Jason Hurley said he felt as if his life was at a standstill because he had four serious charges hanging over his head.

Two of them were for shooting at two police officers in 2004 and two for violent disorder in 2006.

However, in April this year, a High Court judge dismissed all four cases after the prosecution advised the court that it was no longer proceeding with the matters. Hurley said he finally felt as if he could live again.

Now 37, he has initiated a lawsuit against the Government for the 12 months he spent on remand and the almost 20 years he spent fighting the cases.

Claiming innocence, Hurley said he was wrongfully charged in both situations and there was no evidence against him.

In the case of shooting at the two constables, Hurley told the Weekend Nation he was in a crowd when the incident occurred but he was not the one who fired at the officers. (MB)

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