Educator warns against children on social media

Children should be prohibited from having social media accounts.

That is the view of longtime educator Francis Thompson, who questioned why some parents allowed minors to use various digital platforms unsupervised.

“We have some new germs that are coming in, germs that I did not have to deal with, social media is a big germ, a big source of dust. There is an age at which you can drive legally because the children here cannot appreciate nor can they navigate the roads, it is very similar to social media.

“We work hard for our vehicles and you are not going to put the keys to your vehicles in the hands of a 12-year-old child and say go for a drive. Yet you put a device in the hands of our children and we say to them ‘Do what you have to do’. We do not monitor where they go, or what they are taking in and we just figure they are just on the device. Then we wonder what happens when the house is dirty,” Thompson said.

He made those comments yesterday at Prince Cave Hall, District “A” Complex, Station Hill, St Michael during an award ceremony for the literacy competition entitled Clean Yuh House. (TG)

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