Education Ministry issues statement on bathrooms

Earlier today, radio stations of the Starcom Network published a news report, apparently based on a voice note in circulation, suggesting that the Ministry of Education, Technological and Vocational Training had instituted a policy that permitted students at primary schools to use any bathroom, regardless of their gender.

In response to that report and the disquiet it caused, Minister of Education, Kay McConney and Deputy Chief Education Officer, Joy Adamson visited the school identified in the report, St Philip’s Primary School, and met with Principal, Pamelatta Bhamjee.

Following their discussion, the attached statement was issued, making it clear that the Ministry of Education had initiated no discussion with anyone about any change in policy related to bathroom designation or usage, since there had been no change in policy, and absolutely no change in instructions. Only boys can use bathrooms designated for boys, and only girl can use girls’ bathrooms.

Throughout the school new signs have been installed as teaching/learning tools, with designations written in English, Spanish and French, with internationally recognised symbols attached, where applicable — including on bathroom doors, where the words “MALE” or “FEMALE” remain prominently displayed.


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