Early end to Powda after security breach

A major security breach to the perimeter fence at Powda, one of the more popular Crop Over events, caused it to end prematurely, Sunday morning at Vaucluse, St Thomas.

Police confirmed there were breaches to the northern, southern and western sides, and videos circulating on social media showed scores of young men and women, many with their faces concealed, scrambling over the fence to gain entrance.

There was a mix of private security and police officers for the crowd that was in excess of 10 000.

After the breach, several fights and skirmishes broke out in the venue and the decision was made to call off the show.

Attempts to reach the organisers for comment have been futile, but angry and disappointed patrons have been venting their frustration on the event Instagram page.

In an unrelated incident, fire also broke out in one of the food stalls. The vendor sustained burns to his hands and forearms. A crew from the Barbados Fire Service extinguished the blaze, but the stall was destroyed.

Police say one man was beaten by a group of men and when an off-duty officer at the event intervened, he sustained a stab wound to the abdomen and was taken to surgery at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. (SAT)

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