Drug policy coming

Minister of Home Affairs Wilfred Abrahams says Government will do its part in establishing a National Drug Policy for the workplace once all the required data is gathered.

Yesterday at the presentation of a pilot online survey on the perceptions of public workers on drug policies, knowledge about drugs and drug intervention services by National Council on Substance Abuse (NCSA) research and information officer Dr Jonathan Yearwood, Abrahams said it was a great start and he was willing to take it further.

“It is incumbent upon us, not only just Government but also the private sector, to have policies in place to cover all the things we can contemplate . . . because if [someone] is caught doing something they know they shouldn’t, they can say, ‘Well, there’s no policy’.

“Because we are now being provided with empirical evidence . . . when we do these surveys, we can come that much closer to computising what the actual evidence is and the more information we have, that enables [us]to design the appropriate programmes and provide solutions where they are most desperately needed. . . (CA)

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