Do not collect the Trident ID card, says DLP president

Citing previous data breaches as well as the glitches with rollout, president of the Democratic Labour Party, Dr Ronnie Yearwood, is calling on Government to fix the issues associated with the new Trident Identification card.

And until this is done, he is advising members of the public who have not yet collected the cards to leave them where they are.

“Until the Government sorts this out and comes, explains and fixes all the issues that we have with this ID, I would tell people ‘do not take this ID’ because we are not sure our data is safe. We don’t know where [the information collected] is going and the only way the Government will understand that we are serious about this and they need to pay attention to this issue and stop trying to gaslight us in terms of data security is to show them they need to fix this and they need to fix this now,” h said.

Yearwood, who was attending Agrofest 23 on Saturday in Queen’s Park, said the cards are “an intrusion on the fundamental rights and freedoms of Barbadians” whose personal data has been compromised before via the electoral list last year and the cyberattack at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. (Nation News)

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