Decriminalising sex work right step

Decriminalising prostitution may not end attacks on sex workers.

However, founder and president of Adult Industry Association Charles “Charlie Spice” Lewis says a change in the law could be a deterrent, as well as produce several positive health and financial benefits for the country.

That is why he set out to get as many signatures as possible on the Decriminalising Sex Work In Barbados petition.

“Whether you are in another profession you have the right to be protected. I’m not saying that decriminalising the profession would stop all the criminal acts committed against sex workers, but it would be a deterrent to know there is greater protection offered to sex workers and that you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law if you violate the rights of a sex worker,” Lewis said.

He made those comments yesterday following the fatal shooting of Caroline Baird, 44, in late July near the Garrison Savannah. The mother of four was fatally shot during a struggle with a number of people in a vehicle in an apparent robbery.

Lewis reasoned that the criminalisation of the “oldest profession” in the world has led to it going underground. (TG)

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