‘Death linked to vaccine’

The head of surgery at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital  yesterday linked Warren Mottley’s death to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Dr Sahle Griffith, who is also principal of Surgical Solutions Inc., is one of the doctors responsible for Mottley’s care during and after laparoscopy surgery last year, and part of the medical team at the centre of an inquest into the Prime Minister’s brother’s death which Coroner Graveney Bannister is hearing.

In his testimony in the No. 10 Supreme Court, Griffith read from his seven-page statement saying he was convinced that the “very rare” mesenteric ischemia, or small bowel ischaemia, was the cause of Mottley’s death and that in his more than 22 years and 4 500 cases as primary surgeon, he had not encountered an identical case.

Mottley died on June 29, 2021, at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital two days after undergoing laparoscopic surgery at Surgical Solutions Inc. in Warrens, St Michael.

He explained the small bowel was dying off due to diminished blood supply and that could come from blood clots. Griffith added that most recently, in the post COVID-19 era, mesenteric ischemia/small bowel ischaemia had been associated in the World Health Organisation (WHO) medical studies with some COVID-19 vaccines, but could also be caused by other factors like drugs or toxins. (RA)

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