‘D’ race heats up

At least two challengers have emerged for the presidency of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP).

Yesterday, former minister of tourism and three-time parliamentary representative for St Michael South Central, Richard Sealy, confirmed he had accepted the nomination from that branch.

And Ryan Walters, who ran in the last election as the candidate for St Michael North West, has also thrown his hat into the ring against incumbent Dr Ronnie Yearwood.

General Secretary Steve Blackett said such challenges were good for the DLP.

“It is healthy for the institution because, at the end of the day, the brightest, best, strongest, and the most resilient will emerge. That is what is happening coming out of the contests at the branch level in terms of the annual general meetings. A few names are being thrown up and, at the end of the day, in August when the ballot papers are printed and the ballot papers are used for the voting, the rank-and-file members will decide who leads this party for the next two years.” (Nation News)

Richard Sealy (left) and Ryan Walters are both challenging for president of the Democratic Labour Party. (FILE)

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