Crime tips for householders

As some householders’ fears about crime increase, they have been advised not to alert people when they are not at home and not to store large sums of cash.

Community officer Sergeant Roy Thompson gave that advice on Sunday during the St James South District Emergency Organisation meeting at Queen’s College, Husbands, St James.

“Do not leave notes on your doors, saying you are not at home because when you do that, you are indicating to John Public that there is no one there.

“If you are travelling overseas have someone take care of the home because it is important you have someone go and visit, turn on the tv, radio or exterior lights,” Thompson said.

He also warned the residents who attended the gathering not to place spare keys in obvious places, which he said would be easily found.

“Do not place keys under your mats, on the outside because under the mat is the first place they will look. Make sure you have keys for everyone who lives in the house.

“Also, do not keep large sums of money in your house because when a person breaks in your home they are either searching for money or jewellery. I know days gone by persons would keep money under their mattress, but avoid doing things like that,” he added.

During the session Member of Parliament for St James South Sandra Husbands said the event was organised to allow for the constituency’s neighbourhood network group to gain crime prevention, fire safety and disaster tips from several professionals.

She, however, noted the concerns surrounding crimes and urged the residents to work with the Barbados Police Service.

“We’ve noted that there has been an increase in crime, but the only way that we can keep ourselves safe, is to collaborate with the police,” she said. (TG)

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