COVID-19 Update for June 1

The Best-dos Santos Public Health Laboratory identified 182 new COVID-19 cases, 74 males and 108 females, from the 737 tests conducted on Wednesday, June 1.

Of the positive cases, 52 people were under age 18, while 130 were 18 years and older. There were 36 people in isolation facilities, and 1 683 in home isolation.

One death, that of a 29-year old male, was recorded from the viral illness, yesterday. As at June 1, there were 462 deaths.

The public health laboratory has carried out 688 287 tests since February 2020, and recorded 81 028 cases – 36 986 males and 44 042 females.

Under the National Vaccination Programme for COVID-19, the number of people with at least one dose is 162 417 (71.1 per cent of the eligible population).

The number of fully vaccinated is 152 857 (56.4 per cent of the total population or 66.9 per cent of the eligible population). The eligible population represents those who are 12 years and older.  (BGIS)


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