Cops told: Get the basics right

LESS THAN A WEEK after Magistrate Kim Butcher chastised lawmen for failing to give an accused his constitutionally due telephone call while in custody, police have once again been admonished.

This time it is by Chief Magistrate Ian Weekes, who has urged police to not only allow accused those phone calls, but also verify the addresses of people in their custody.

“These are the standards that are to be met. And I am saying this too. The Barbados Police Service isn’t just accountable to me. It’s about your international standing and ranking and whether you will meet the criteria established by the international agencies,” Chief Magistrate Weekes declared yesterday.

“This is 2022, nearly 2023. We can’t be doing these things now. You all see all the lawsuits that are happening? These are straightforward things that can easily be addressed.”

The Chief Magistrate’s comments came as Renison Isaiah Prince appeared before him in the District “A” Magistrates’ Court.

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