Cop: Shots came from hired car

Lawman Dale Crichlow yesterday recalled how his team and he were fired upon after they stopped a red Toyota Yaris, with hired plates, in Kew Road.

He denied the shots came from a vehicle behind the car.

Assistant Superintendent Crichlow was testifying in the trial against Adigun Rabbi Hinds, Malik Derick Fenty, Raschad Justin Bowen, Richad Barry Boyce, Richard Shamario Worrell, and Renaka Kadeane Brathwaite in the No. 3 Supreme Court yesterday.

The lawman, who was then in charge of the Anti-Gun and Gangs Unit, said as a result of information about a vehicle with the registration number H2181, a number of lawmen and he went to Kew Road, Tudor Bridge.

They were armed with police service pistols, small rifles and shotguns, and wearing body armour and their vehicle approached from Tudor Bridge while the other police vehicles approached from other directions. (HLE)

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