Convent: Come for the pool water

The Ursuline Convent has been giving away the water from its 122 000 gallon pool.

Since Monday, a number of people have visited the school to collect the water.

Joan Seymour, who is in charge of the rental of the pool, has been overseeing the property until the official handover to the Ministry of Education, Technological and Vocational Training.

In a notice that circulated on Facebook last weekend, Seymour detailed how the school, which closed for good in August, will be emptying its pool as part of the usual maintenance. She invited any farmers or interested parties to collect the water.

“The pool has to be emptied and I personally took that onboard instead of letting that water just go like that. Why not give it away to people who would utilise it? I’m very environmentally conscious so I’ve been sharing this with the environmental protection industry and I also contacted the Barbados Water Authority and I asked them if they wanted the water,” Seymour said.

So far 78 000 gallons of the water was taken.

There was multiple use for the water even though it is chlorinated, Seymour said, adding that it was given to anyone who could find use for it and that was better than dumping it into the ground.

“There are lots of construction companies, road building companies that utilise water for dust control and all of that . . . I thought that this water could be put to use.

“I’ve been battling this all last week, thinking about what can we do with the water, and people were saying the farmers can’t use it but it’s not only for the crops it’s for washing down the pig pen or for washing down whatever things you might have,” she said.

“I think we all need to be cognisant that our resources are limited and we need to be more environmentally aware. I think we waste too much and we do not take environmental aspects on board as we really should.”



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