Cholera cases rising in Haiti

PORT AU PRINCE– Haiti has recorded 32 confirmed Cholera cases with 224 suspected up to last Saturday, the Department of Epidemiology, Laboratories and Research (DELR) of the Ministry of Public Health has said.

The number of suspected hospitalised cases has increased by 40 per cent since October 6, when 135 cases were recorded. According to the figures released here, the number of suspected hospitalised cases is 189.

The data also shows that there have been 16 deaths to date, up from five cases reported on October 6.

The authorities have also indicated that the figures do not represent the situation in the entire French-speaking Caribbean Community (CARICOM) country due to travel difficulties and insecurity, given that there are areas controlled by gangs.

The gangs have been blocking roads leading to the main fuel deports and as a result also making transportation to other parts of the country difficult.

According to the Ministry of Public Health, there are 64 cases of cholera among the age group one to four years old, being the highest category of victims, followed by 33 in the age group 20 to 29 years old.

Most of the suspected cholera cases are among men with 43.91 per cent and the authorities say anyone with acute watery, profuse diarrhoea, with or without vomiting, with or without dehydration should seek medical attention.

Meanwhile, the global medical group, Médecin Sans Frontière (MSF) has opened three treatment centres in the capital, Port au prince and neighbouring areas. (CMC)


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