Charity struggles to secure funding

President of the Eden Lodge Charitable Trust, Dwayne Grazette, says it is becoming even more challenging to secure funding or resources to help the vulnerable in the community.

Speaking last Saturday at the Derrick Smith School & Vocational Centre, Jackmans, St Michael, during a give-back event organised by the group, he said persistence was key because many of their efforts were unsuccessful.

“It touches my heart on a daily basis when I see the things your families go through, the conditions in which you live because some people’s lights are off. Moments ago a lady asked, ‘Y’all does pay the light bill?’ . . . and for years I’ve been trying to make a difference in your lives.

“It doesn’t come without challenges, from the donors . . . and some people who you call don’t answer their phones. Sometimes they might be like ‘He calling again?’ or some people send back notes saying ‘We can’t help’.” (Nation News)

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