Changing legal title optional, says KC

A veteran lawyer is submitting that it is not automatic for the Queen’s Counsel (QC) or King’s Counsel (KC) title to be switched to Senior Counsel for attorneys who carry the post-nominal letters.

In fact, Anthony Audain, who has the royal designation, says his understanding from a meeting of Barbados Bar Association (BBA) members and the Attorney General was that “going forward”, Senior Counsel would be applied, but for those who had the elevation prior to Barbados becoming a republic in 2021, it was optional.

“My letterhead and cards still say KC. As I understand it from a meeting members of the Bar had with the AG, his view was that certainly going forward, it would have to be Senior Counsel because we are a republic and owe no allegiance to the queen and, in terms of persons who were awarded the post-nominal letters prior to us becoming a republic, that was optional. . .”

He was part of a panel for a Legally Speaking episode of yesterday’s radio call-in programme Brass Tacks Sunday on Voice of Barbados.  (AC)

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