Captain heard shot, saw guard on ground

The captain of the MV Dream Chaser yesterday recalled how he heard a gunshot as he was completing his shutdown procedure of the vessel.

Russell Wilson said when he investigated he saw security officer Dave Archer lying among a group of people.

He was captain on June 10, 2019, when the vessel left the Careenage. He added he had four or five security officers, Archer being one of them.

The boat was not at full capacity but there “were a significant number” of people on board.

Wilson told the No. 3 Supreme Court that when the boat returned to the Careenage, he berthed it and began his shut down procedures. He walked the right side of the boat, going down two flights of steps and was passing the boat’s office when he heard the sound of a firearm being discharged. He then heard screams and saw people running towards him. (HLE)

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