Call for BL&P to return millions

Attorney and intervenor in the two-year-long electricity rate increase application, Tricia Watson, wants to know what will become of the interim rate increase granted earlier this year now that Barbados Light & Power Co Ltd (BL&P) is taking the Fair Trading Commission (FTC) to court.

She is also calling on the FTC to order BL&P to refund the millions of dollars it has collected so far from the interim rate.

Having twice failed to convince the FTC that it deserves an 11.9 per cent rate hike, BL&P will be trying for a third time – by appealing to the High Court. It is the first time the company will be taking such action against a decision of its regulator.

In a February 15, 2023 decision on BL&P’s October 2021 application for a rate increase, an FTC panel did not grant the utility the full rate increase it was seeking. (BA)

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