BWU: Other govts should pay ex-LIAT staff

Although it was a long time in coming, the Barbados Workers Union (BWU) welcomes the decision by the Mia Mottley administration to pay severance to former Barbadian employees who were terminated by LIAT.

During the wrap-up to the Budget debate last week, Prime Minister Mottley announced about $10 million had been reserved in cash and bonds for about 89 former workers.

“The Barbados Workers’ Union and LIAT Division are extremely pleased by the announcement of the Prime Minister that we are on the cusp of being able to resolve the long-outstanding matter relating to severance and outstanding payments to the workers who gave service to LIAT (1974) Ltd,” said BWU deputy general secretary Dwaine Paul.

“The union understands that in terms of the payments being made, it is a recognition of the Government of Barbados of its financial and moral obligation to the citizens and workers of LIAT. We look forward to the discussions promised in the coming days with the Ministry of Finance.” (Nation News)

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