BWU completes successful negotiations with BPWCCUL and subsidiaries

Staff of three companies who have been off the job since Friday, pending the outcome of negotiations with the Barbados Workers Union (BWU), should be back to work on Monday.

That’s because the BWU has reached agreement on several matters with the management of Barbados Public Workers Cooperative Credit Union (BPWCCUL) as well as its subsidiaries, CAPITA Finance Inc. and CAPITA Insurers Brokers.

A release from the BWU on Sunday said negotiations, which started at 2 p.m. Saturday and ended at 3 a.m. today, achieved several breakthroughs.

These include: Outstanding Overtime Payments, Performance Incentive Pay, Internal Salary Adjustments and Equitable Distribution of Performance Incentive Pool at the credit union.

While in the subsidiaries, agreements have been reached on an action plan going forward, the implementation of Performance Development Reviews and the review of specific cases regarding salary and anomalies.

“Following the marathon meeting and the agreement reached with the BWU early this morning, all employees are expected to resume their duties tomorrow (Monday), bringing normalcy back to operations. Additionally, there shall be no victimisation, recrimination, or any other efforts to penalise staff because of this incident,” said a release by Communications & Information Manager, Cheyne Jones.

The consultation report is also to be sent to the BWU.

“This is indeed a victory for the workers and the BWU. However, we will monitor closely to ensure all agreements are honoured, and the paths carved out for future actions are followed,” said BWU Deputy General Secretary, Dwaine Paul.

“We take immense pride in our members standing up for their rights, and while we look forward to management upholding their end of the bargain; rest assured that BWU will remain vigilant.” (PR/SAT)

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