Businesses urged to rely on God

It is important to build a relationship with God regardless of your tax bracket.

Anglican Bishop Michael Maxwell made that point yesterday at St Mary’s Church during the second day of its inaugural Business Festival.

He referenced Lydia, a wealthy businesswoman who was highlighted in the books of Acts and Philippians in the Bible.

Lydia was a Gentile and made a fortune by selling textiles coloured with purple dye, however, despite her wealth she believed forming a relationship with the God of the Jews was essential.

“God is still our source of understanding, wisdom and ability to do things and she recognised that. So I want our business people to recognise that they can’t rely on their own strength but recognise God is the one who enables them to have wealth and the ability to flourish.

“So they should continue to build that relationship with him so he could continue to fulfil their lives,” Maxwell said.

The theme for the festival was Our Gifts, Our Opportunities, and during the two days, more than 20 members of the church who are also small business owners displayed their products and services. The increase in entrepreneurship after the COVID-19 pandemic inspired the event.

While noting that people leaned on God during bad times, Maxwell also urged the congregation not to forget him during the good times.

“Very often people call on God when things are brown but it’s important to remember who He is during times of prosperity and when you are thriving. You do yourself a disservice if you neglect to call on His name when your life is going well,” he added. (TG)

Some of the items at the St Mary’s inaugural Business Festival. (Picture by Shanice King.)



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