Body of Maine mass shooting suspect found

A man suspected of killing 18 people in a shooting in Maine has been found dead after a three-day manhunt, police say.

Robert Card, 40, was found dead from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound, Maine Commissioner of Public Safety Michael Sauschuck said.

The news comes hours after police lifted a stay-at-home order for the normally quiet community.

Among the dead are a grandfather, a talented young bowler, and four members of a deaf cornhole team.

Three others injured in the shooting are in critical care, it emerged on Saturday.

“The suspect in Wednesday night’s shootings has been located and is deceased,” the Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Office said on Facebook.

At a news conference at Lewiston City Hall, Maine Governor Janet Mills said the body was found in Lisbon, near where the shooting occurred.

“I’m breathing a sigh of relief tonight knowing that Robert Card will not be a threat to anyone,” she said.

Mills said the discovery of the suspect’s body would set the community on “the long and difficult road to healing”.

Lewiston Police Chief David St Pierre added that he was “elated” by the news, but “our work is not done here”.

“We’re gonna grieve for the families that lost loved ones, were gonna continue to work, we’re gonna persevere and we’re gonna become better people for it,” he continued.

Commissioner Sauschuck said the body was found at 7:45 p.m. local time on Friday near a river in Lisbon Falls.

In a later news conference on Saturday, officials said Robert Card’s body was found in the town of Lisbon, near a recycling centre that had already been searched twice by police.

The body was found in the centre’s overflow car park, which had not been searched before, Commissioner Sauschuk said.

A number of guns were found at the scene, including a long gun.

Officials said the suspect had bought his guns days before the attack.

They added he was known to have undergone mental health evaluations – though Commissioner Sauschuck clarified that he had never been forcibly committed for treatment.

In addition, he said a paper note was found at the suspect’s home.

It was addressed to a “loved one” and contained a passcode to his phone and bank account numbers, Commissioner Sauschuck said.

Earlier on Friday, police released the names of all the 18 victims. (BBC)

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