Beating the heat

Hydration is key to beating the heat.

That was the advice for revellers from Dr Kenneth Connell, the Public Relations Officer for the Barbados Association of Medical Practitioners (BAMP).

Speaking in an interview with Nation Online, Connell outlined that with thousands of people expected to turn out for Kadooment Day this year, it was essential that they consumed lots of water to avoid suffering from severe dehydration and any other associated health issues brought on by the heat.

That advice comes after the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) announced on July 27 that according to their data the first three weeks of July were the hottest July and subsequently the hottest month ever on record.

Along with that, July 2023 also had the three hottest days on record and the highest ever ocean temperatures for this time of year. The three hottest days ever on record were July 6, followed by  July 5 and 7.

Dr Connell summarised his advice into these seven tips:

Prepare for the jump up (preparation does not start on the day). Forty-eight to 24 hours before Kadooment Day, ensure your body is regularly hydrated. It is unwise to start drinking before the event because you start the day dehydrated.
Make sure you are wearing comfortable footwear because the roads will be hot.
Try to wear a broad hat if possible to help protect you from the sun’s rays.
Wear protective eyewear (dark shades with UV protection).
Apply sunblock before the event, paying attention to areas of the body you don’t immediately see like behind the thigh. Pay attention to the reapplication time because the sunblock does not last all day.
Stay hydrated throughout the event. You can never drink too much water given how much you are losing throughout the day.
If you feel lethargic at any point during the day, stop partying and rehydrate yourself. Pushing through it can lead to needing urgent hydration in the form of UV drips.

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