Bahamian police probe death threats to PM

Nassau, Bahamas – Police Commissioner Clayton Fernander says a full investigation is now under way following death threats against Prime Minister Phillip “Brave” Davis.

Speaking during an emergency press conference, the Police Commissioner said two anonymous phone calls were made shortly after midday, threatening the Prime Minister’s life.

“Both calls came in, one right after the other about 15 minutes apart, threatening to kill the nation’s leader,” the Commissioner said.

According to Fernander, officers are following significant leads and the prime minister remains in “good spirits”.

“We, as Bahamians, it shouldn’t happen. When you’re talking about threatening the nation’s leader and we as Bahamians, how we got to this level in threatening individuals, and you can go beyond the prime minister and individuals and we take this very seriously.

“We are now reviewing the threat level so we can put some additional security measures in place along with our law enforcement partner and the team here from the Defence Force and so we are on top of this.”

He also pleaded with those responsible for the calls “to stop now”, saying police will not tolerate it and go after them within the full extent of the law.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister is still expected to continue his normal duties – under heightened security.

“Prime Minister Davis has been appraised of the situation and additional security measures have been put in place,” said his Press Secretary Clint Watson.

“While the threat against the prime minister is being taken seriously, it is the current assessment of the prime minister’s security team and the prime minister that he should continue with his normal duties and further assessments will be made once the investigation reveals further information,” Watson said. (CMC)

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