Bahamas working out details of gun amnesty

Nassau – National Security Minister, Wayne Munroe, says he expects a gun amnesty initiative to be introduced here next week aimed at curbing the gun crime situation in The Bahamas.

Munroe, speaking at a news briefing at the Office of the Prime Minister, said that senior police officials are liaising with the State Minister of Social Services and Urban Development Lisa Rahming, who had informed Parliament last week about the two-week gun amnesty.

The National Security Minister said that the authorities are ironing out minor details and it is anticipated that there will be a rollout of the amnesty proposal late next week.

Munroe also said that since police increased saturation patrols, crime has decreased throughout New Providence.

“The statistics provided to me by the police report that year to date comparison for the central, northwestern and southern divisions that make up Bain and Grants Town decreased by 15 per cent for central, 44 per cent for northwestern, and seven per cent for southern division and these are crimes that relate to quality of life crimes.

“The south-central division experienced a decrease of 16 per cent a year to date. The northeastern division, that includes my constituency of Freetown, has seen a decrease of 38 per cent. And year to date, crime decreases in the Fox Hill division has fallen by 42 per cent and in Carmichael, which represents the largest policing division, that has fallen by 26 per cent, Munroe added.

He said that the police had received the final tranche of the 100 vehicles the government recently purchased. (CMC)

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